About Me

I’m Rowena, and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at SUNY Buffalo (SIM Campus).



My interests include Languages, Literature, Reading, Travelling, Art & Vintage Photographs and Dance (which explains the choice in web address).


*** For the curious


32 fouettés en tournant [fweh-tay ahn toor-nahn] – A movement in classical ballet.

A fouetté rond de jambe en tournant is an action where the dancer stands momentarily on flat foot with the supporting knee bent as the other “working” leg is whipped around to the side, creating the impetus to spin one turn. The working leg is then pulled in to touch the supporting knee as the dancer rises up en pointe on the supporting foot. The ability to consecutively perform 32 of these turns is considered a bravura step by the ballerina, emphasizing her strength, stamina, and technique. It is a very difficult step to do and many ballerinas can only do 32 on one side, normally the right.

In application, being a ballet dancer has taught me discipline and many other positive morals & attributes,  which I constantly attempt to infuse into daily life :)


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